Cleargistix 2.0 Release Webinar

Learn more about Cleargistix's milestone release 2.0 which adds new features and provides significant enhancements to our core capabilities.

Cleargistix is excited to announce the release of Cleargistix 2.0! 

This release is a culmination of product enhancements as well as significant new features, enhancements to existing features, fixes, and other new stuff. 

At Cleargistix, we are always listening to our customers and the market to ensure we continue to be THE flexible, configurable and very field usable Digital Field Ticketing Solution that helps oilfield companies save costs and time, streamline and accelerate workflows, reduce errors, improve efficiency and result in quicker and better management information.

Cleargistix is helping to re-engineer the administrative business processes in the oilfield.  We have started this journey by attacking the #1 enemy of efficiency and effectiveness in the oilfield, the paper service ticket.  Our Digital Field Ticketing Solution allows oilfield companies to digitally dispatch work, capture a wide variety of information in the field related to that work (JSAs, inspection documents, payroll forms, expense reports, etc.) and to digitally route that information through any type of workflow for review, approval and reporting before ultimately sending the captured information into back-end systems such as ERPs, payroll systems, electronic invoicing systems, CRMs and business intelligence platforms. 

Cleargistix 2.0 adds new features and provides significant enhancements to these core capabilities. 

Utilizing Cleargistix 2.0, our customers will be able to: 

  • more precisely manage the activities of field operations using our new Divisions functionality where organizational activities can be grouped and managed such as by yard, area, business unit, department, type of work or supervisor, 
  • gain greater insights into operational and financial information captured through Cleargistix with enhanced reporting that includes a bevy of flexible revenue reports, 
  • optimize the mobilization of their workforce through significant UI enhancements to field users using tablets, laptops and phones.  These enhancements include simplifying and mobilizing time tracking features and ticket approval enhancements including digital stamping, and 
  • better and more easily manage information in Cleargistix through flexible and mappable export functionality and integrations with their back-end systems. 

Our customers began being able to take advantage of the new features and enhancements in Cleargistix 2.0 on June 17, 2020. 

For a more detailed overview of Cleargistix 2.0, including some FAQs, click this LINK. 

Take a look at our flexible, configurable and very field usable Digital Field Ticketing Solution and learn more about this milestone release by registering for our Cleargistix 2.0 Release webinar to be held on Tuesday, June 23, 2020 at 9am cst.  You can register by clicking this LINK.  If you cannot make the webinar, please keep checking our website as we will be recording the webinar and posting it to 

Thanks to our great Team at Cleargistix for continuing to deliver on our commitments to our customers through constantly innovating our game-changing productivity solution, improving outcomes for oilfield service companies and suppliers, and operators for which they work. 

Thanks, Be Well and Good Luck! 


Steven J. Toups, CPA
President & CEO
Cleargistix LLC