Cleargistix is a cloud-based Digital Field Ticketing System that enables you to digitally capture time and material revenue, safety, inspection, payroll, and other information in the field and track it through every step in the review, approval, and reporting process.

Cleargistix is light, fast, quick, and easy and configurable to your operations, your staff, and your needs, increasing efficiency and company-wide productivity.

Cleargistix streamlines communications and connects your office to your field assets, instantly.  Everyone is connected, from Dispatch, to the Crew, to Accounting.

Light, Fast, Quick & Easy

The Cleargistix Dashboard gives you visibility to real-time information across all jobs, enabling improved decision making and resource allocation.

The Notification feature keeps you immediately informed on items that you need to take action on.  This ensures that the review and approval process is timely.

The Time & Materials Ticket information captured in the field is in the cloud where supervisors, managers, and executives, as well as administrative personnel, have immediate access to the information through every step of the review, approval, and reporting process.

In the current state of the industry, Safety and Compliance has never been more important or complex.  Safety and compliance reporting can be challenging and time-consuming enough.  Our solution has built in checks and requirements lists that help customers with safety reporting, whether voluntary or mandatory.

Manage users, access security levels, and conduct user audits of any data that is entered, edited, or deleted.  The Administration feature also provides a central location to define and track assets, truck units, rental equipment, and consumables.