Capturing Digital Information in the Field is the Key

For oilfield operators that are frustrated by accruals and field estimates, #PaperISTheProblem.  Can’t answer the simple, “What did we spend in the field yesterday?”, #PaperISTheProblem.


The paper and spreadsheet collection of information from the field by both oilfield operator personnel and service companies and suppliers working their behalf results in increased costs, delays, inefficiencies and errors.


The only way to truly re-engineer the administrative business processes in the oilfield is to start by collecting digital information in the field and then digitally managing the workflows of this information for review, approval, reporting and interfacing with “back-end” systems including accounting, financial, payments, business intelligence, payroll and other systems.

No paper, no accruals, no reconciliations, no repetitive data entry, no scans, with real-time information visible to all.

Removing the paper from the process with Cleargistix enables fast, lean, efficient and economical information flows.  The right information gets to the right people, at the right time.  No more searching for information or guessing at activities and costs.  With Cleargistix, all of your field information is centralized and with our cloud-based technology, it is available wherever and whenever it is needed.

Let Cleargistix show you how our Digital Field Ticketing Solution enhances the level of collaboration between oilfield operators and their service companies and suppliers, improving outcomes for all.

The state of technology in the oilfield is bifurcated.  Drill bits in West Texas are being steered from offices in Houston but everyone on location in West Texas is filling out a piece of paper to get paid.  For oilfield operators that think, “There must be a better way…”, there is.

Let us show you what “Information Peace of Mind” is all about, let us introduce you to Cleargistix.

Video Overview: Digital Field Ticketing Software - Oil & Gas Services