For OTC, Cleargistix Makes Payroll and Billing More Efficient and More Accurate

OTC was using hand-generated tickets that were turned in after two-to-three-week hitches offshore. Management had issues with waiting for days or weeks to get data for billing, payroll and operational needs. On-the-job issues or questions were often not discovered in a timely fashion. Deciphering handwriting and wording on each ticket required extensive interpretation skills—and a lot of time. Reconciling payroll and billing data was time-consuming, cumbersome, often requiring calls, texts or e-mails on the day of payroll.

For Advantek, Cleargistix Slashed DSO Time from 110 Days to 50

Only about 200 miles of road separate the Houston home office of Advantek Waste Management, LLC and its disposal facility in Karnes County, south of San Antonio in the Eagle Ford Shale. But its hand-written manifests/tickets and billing data were making an electronic journey halfway around the world and back, stretching the billing cycle by several weeks.

Cleargistix Increases Efficiency and Transparency for a Bureau Veritas Oil and Gas Division

For many oilfield service companies, getting the order and doing the work is the easy part—it’s why they are in business. Documenting and getting paid for the work, is much more of a challenge.

A "Tug & Tow" Success Story

Knowledge is power. And in an increasingly digital age, information is literally at your fingertips. Computers fit in your pocket. And storage is conveniently managed in the cloud...or is it? This is the question that haunts the efficiency and success of countless companies, many of which are finding themselves straddling the proverbial fence of necessary documentation and next-gen greener pastures.