Why Cleargistix?

Save Costs

Shorten Cash Cycles

Improve Efficiencies

Real-Time Visibility

Improve Workflow & Communication

Improve Decision Making

What Our Customers Are Saying

  • This is WONDERFUL. Seriously I have managed through 30 plus application implementations and nothing comes close to this!
    Executive/Project Leader, Multi-National OFS Company and a Sales Reference for Cleargistix
  • Well that was not as hard as I was thinking it was going to be.
    Supervisor for OFS Company talking about the training of her field folks and their getting started using Cleargistix
  • When we started using Cleargistix daily tickets our charge accuracy and job details improved greatly.
    Field Technician for Offshore OFS Company
  • Please let us know if you need anything, I have enjoyed the calls from your potential clients. I love talking about our use of Cleargistix.
    Operations Manager, Offshore OFS Service Company and a Sales Reference for Cleargistix
  • Right when I upload it, the lady in the office is there, she sees what I put in and she can take care of her business. There’s no guesswork… Why didn’t we have this before?
    Measurement Technician for Multi- National OFS Company
  • Cleargistix continues to accommodate my everyday needs. It is effective and easy to use.
    Field Admin for OFS Company
  • Lost Paperwork
  • Illegible Handwriting
  • Incomplete Forms
  • Fragmented Workflow
  • Disorganized Communication

These ‘simple annoyances’ have real negative impacts on your company ...

  • Delays in Invoicing and Getting Paid
  • Increased Human Error
  • Increased Re-work
  • Data Scattered Across Multiple Systems
  • Lack of Visibility to Information
  • Restricted Decision Making

If the data has to be entered into the computer anyway, why not record it digitally in the field?


Oil & Gas Services

  • Job Management
  • Dispatch
  • Steps System - Workflow & Routing
  • Digital Service Tickets & Forms
  • Crew Management
  • Asset Management
  • Administrative Control
  • User-Based Reports
  • Integration with Back-End Systems

Video Overview: Digital Field Ticketing Software - Oil & Gas Services

Tug & Tow

  • Smart Job Scheduler
  • Dispatch to Vessel
  • Crew Tracking
  • Master Logs
  • Billing Logs
  • Availability - Qualifications - Credentials
  • Integration with Back-End Systems