What Our Customers Are Saying

  • This is WONDERFUL. Seriously I have managed through 30 plus application implementations and nothing comes close to this!
    Executive/Project Leader, Multi-National OFS Company and a Sales Reference for Cleargistix
  • Well that was not as hard as I was thinking it was going to be.
    Supervisor for OFS Company talking about the training of her field folks and their getting started using Cleargistix
  • When we started using Cleargistix daily tickets our charge accuracy and job details improved greatly.
    Field Technician for Offshore OFS Company
  • Please let us know if you need anything, I have enjoyed the calls from your potential clients. I love talking about our use of Cleargistix.
    Operations Manager, Offshore OFS Service Company and a Sales Reference for Cleargistix
  • Right when I upload it, the lady in the office is there, she sees what I put in and she can take care of her business. There’s no guesswork… Why didn’t we have this before?
    Measurement Technician for Multi- National OFS Company
  • Cleargistix continues to accommodate my everyday needs. It is effective and easy to use.
    Field Admin for OFS Company

Cleargistix 2.0 Release Webinar

Learn more about Cleargistix's milestone release 2.0 which adds new features and provides significant enhancements to our core capabilities.

Why Cleargistix?

Save Costs

Shorten Cash Cycles

Improve Efficiencies

Real-Time Visibility

Improve Workflow & Communication

Improve Decision Making

  • Lost Paperwork
  • Illegible Handwriting
  • Incomplete Forms
  • Fragmented Workflow
  • Disorganized Communication

These ‘simple annoyances’ have real negative impacts on your company ...

  • Delays in Invoicing and Getting Paid
  • Increased Human Error
  • Increased Re-work
  • Data Scattered Across Multiple Systems
  • Lack of Visibility to Information
  • Restricted Decision Making

If the data has to be entered into the computer anyway, why not record it digitally in the field?


Oil & Gas Services

  • Job Management
  • Dispatch
  • Steps System - Workflow & Routing
  • Digital Service Tickets & Forms
  • Crew Management
  • Asset Management
  • Administrative Control
  • User-Based Reports
  • Integration with Back-End Systems

Video Overview: Digital Field Ticketing Software - Oil & Gas Services

Tug & Tow

  • Smart Job Scheduler
  • Dispatch to Vessel
  • Crew Tracking
  • Master Logs
  • Billing Logs
  • Availability - Qualifications - Credentials
  • Integration with Back-End Systems

Other Industries

  • Replaces Any Kind of Paper Form
  • Digital Information Capture
  • Steps System - Workflow & Routing
  • Configurable, Flexible
  • Collection/Creation of Payroll Information
  • Real-Time Management Information
  • Integration with Back-End Systems