When Oil & Gas prices are down, the temperatures are high, and staff is required to do more with less (including less pay). This is the perfect time to challenge your employees discover and implement digital technologies that improve office efficiencies, reduce risks and improve the bottom line. There are several solutions available to eliminate
Great insights into how digital has and will change oil & gas companies. I especially liked the authors’ comment, “[m]ost of today’s digital initiatives in oil and gas are incremental rather than disruptive.” How do you eat the theoretical 800 pound gorilla? …….One bite at a time. How Digital Technology Will Change Oil and Gas
Oilfield companies that do not embrace technology to increase efficiency and effectiveness will continue to suffer the effects of the recent pricing environment, even as activity in the field increases. “How can we do more with our current resources?”, is top of mind for oilfield executives and managers. Oil Industry Faces Huge Worker Shortage: By Nick
Original story by Matthew V. Veazey, Rigzone Staff | Thursday, May 05, 2016 As technologically advanced as the offshore oil and gas industry has become, in many cases it relies on something that originated in ancient China: paper. Some offshore firms still use paper forms to track field-based information such as employee payroll time sheets, vendor invoices, crew
From early June 2014 when the price of oil was over $100 until now, the oilfield has seen its share of changes. Bankruptcies and price, wage, job and cost cuts are found all over the headlines. One thing is certain, more changes are on the way.   In times like these, in our day to

Software Complexity Kills

We all face too many distractions, too much work, too many things fighting for our attention. The harder a product is to use, the less valuable it is perceived to be. Products must be intuitive, both in understanding and usage. Nothing kills value in software like complexity.  Most clients won’t make a career out of

Nobody is Buying!

If I had a dollar for every time I heard a sales professional say “nobody is buying”, let’s face it, I would be writing this blog from an island. The truth is… nobody buys anything unless there is value. Second, nobody buys unless there is a relationship. The reason a sales professional would say nobody

Change is Hard

Human beings are creatures of habit.  Human beings HATE to change.  H-A-T-E to change.   In a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association in April 2013 as reported on by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, patients that had suffered a heart attack, stroke or other major cardiac event were counseled on three