Key Problems with Paper

Field data exists in many forms: work orders, manifests, revenue and job tickets, safety forms, inspection forms, and so on. Paper has been the go-to medium for recording and presenting this information. Given the alternatives that were historically available, paper had a great run as the best way to collect and present information. There are,
When designing business processes, a long-standing rule is to record the activity where and when it is happening. Many service companies using paper to document activities in the field, believe they are accomplishing this task by recording the information on paper. However, the documentation of the item on paper is not recording the activity. The
What is paper ticketing costing you in time and money? Can you read every ticket line? How often are safety forms incomplete?   Do you have safety deficiencies that you do not know about for several days? Any chance someone transposes numbers when re-entering data? Do you wait for paper tickets to be returned to the
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Have you had a bad experience implementing, or trying to implement an integrated digital field ticketing solution? If you were successful, was it expensive and time-consuming? Did you give up and stay with paper tickets? There are now solutions that let any size implement a digital field ticket solution that is light, fast, quick and

Bad Processes Yield Bad Results

Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to managing business activity. From revenue information and job details, to payroll, data must be collected, managed, and consumed for operations to function successfully. Absent good data and solid processes to collect and manage it, business processes come up short. Companies may be well served by reviewing data
I recently had major and unexpected surgery and spent a week in the hospital recovering.  As a technologist and a person who continually observers process management and how technology is leveraged, I was both thankful interested to see how the medical field has been a rapid adopter of technology.  My diagnosis, left untreated, would have