The Ideal Village selects Cleargistix LLC to participate in the 2016 ENERGYx Accelerator Program   NEW ORLEANS –The Idea Village announced on Thursday, September 8th that Cleargistix, LLC was selected to participate in ENERGYx, a joint program of the Southeast Louisiana Energy Initiative and The Idea Village. ENERGYx is a 12 week accelerator program for
CONTACT: Curry W. Smith, The Idea Village 504.304.3287 For Immediate Release: Thursday, September 8, 2016   The Idea Village announces entrepreneurs selected for its 2017 Accelerator Programs 15 Louisiana-based startup ventures selected for DIGITALMEDIAx, ENERGYx, and IDEAx   NEW ORLEANS – Today, The Idea Village announced the 15 new ventures that have been invited
Have you had a bad experience implementing, or trying to implement an integrated digital field ticketing solution? If you were successful, was it expensive and time-consuming? Did you give up and stay with paper tickets? There are now solutions that let any size implement a digital field ticket solution that is light, fast, quick and

Bad Processes Yield Bad Results

Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to managing business activity. From revenue information and job details, to payroll, data must be collected, managed, and consumed for operations to function successfully. Absent good data and solid processes to collect and manage it, business processes come up short. Companies may be well served by reviewing data
I recently had major and unexpected surgery and spent a week in the hospital recovering.  As a technologist and a person who continually observers process management and how technology is leveraged, I was both thankful interested to see how the medical field has been a rapid adopter of technology.  My diagnosis, left untreated, would have
When Oil & Gas prices are down, the temperatures are high, and staff is required to do more with less (including less pay). This is the perfect time to challenge your employees discover and implement digital technologies that improve office efficiencies, reduce risks and improve the bottom line. There are several solutions available to eliminate
Great insights into how digital has and will change oil & gas companies. I especially liked the authors’ comment, “[m]ost of today’s digital initiatives in oil and gas are incremental rather than disruptive.” How do you eat the theoretical 800 pound gorilla? …….One bite at a time. How Digital Technology Will Change Oil and Gas
Oilfield companies that do not embrace technology to increase efficiency and effectiveness will continue to suffer the effects of the recent pricing environment, even as activity in the field increases. “How can we do more with our current resources?”, is top of mind for oilfield executives and managers. Oil Industry Faces Huge Worker Shortage: By Nick