What Is Your Rework Telling You?

Rework is one of most expensive costs resulting from poor quality. Rework not only means redoing, it includes all of the efforts expended fixing something that was not done right the first time. Sending an email to look for a missing document. Picking up the phone to verify that the number on the form was
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Partnership Offers Value to Mutual Customers MADISONVILLE, LA AND AUSTIN, TX – February 8, 2017 – Cleargistix, a developer of digital solutions that replace paper or spreadsheet-based methods of capturing information in the oilfield, and Qv21, a leader in transportation logistics software for the Oil & Gas industry have formed a partnership

The Trend Toward Simplification

While on a United Airlines flight over the Atlantic last week, I read an article in the December 2016 issue of United’s Hemispheres magazine, “The Future’s So Bright” by Boyd Farrow (see below). The article is about Snap Inc.’s new Spectacles video-recording sunglasses. In the article, Mr. Farrow points out that functional and simple are
Replacing paper and manual processes with seamless digital communication and workflow MADISONVILLE, Louisiana (November 21, 2016) – Continuing its response to calls from the Tug & Towboat industry, Cleargistix has launched Cleargistix Tug & Tow Version 2.0. This system enables seamless digital communication and workflow processes from Dispatch, to the vessel, to Accounting. “In the
Energy firms large and small have taken a hit thanks to an historic downturn in crude oil prices.  Cleargistix is one of four New Orleans-area startups who see potential for growth despite the slump. The Idea Village this fall welcomes four startups to its EnergyX program, a 12-week business accelerator geared toward Louisiana oil and gas

Key Problems with Paper

Field data exists in many forms: work orders, manifests, revenue and job tickets, safety forms, inspection forms, and so on. Paper has been the go-to medium for recording and presenting this information. Given the alternatives that were historically available, paper had a great run as the best way to collect and present information. There are,
When designing business processes, a long-standing rule is to record the activity where and when it is happening. Many service companies using paper to document activities in the field, believe they are accomplishing this task by recording the information on paper. However, the documentation of the item on paper is not recording the activity. The
What is paper ticketing costing you in time and money? Can you read every ticket line? How often are safety forms incomplete?   Do you have safety deficiencies that you do not know about for several days? Any chance someone transposes numbers when re-entering data? Do you wait for paper tickets to be returned to the